Outer Banks Weather & Average Temperatures

The Outer Banks offers ideal temperatures in spring, summer and fall season. The Outer Banks is a combination of bright sunny days tempered by gentle ocean breezes. The area enjoys around 200 sunny days each year, with a year-round average hovering around 70°. Wind is an everyday occurrence on the Outer Banks, and can range from gentle southwest breezes to strong northeast storm winds. Otherwise, the weather changes rapidly and can be very unpredictable.

Weather Forecasts


Current Radar: Outer Banks, NC, East Coast U.S.

Monthly Average Air & Ocean Temperatures

Outer Banks Average Air Temperatures

Outer Banks Average Temperatures


Outer Banks Average Ocean / Water Temps

Spring: 55°- 65° | Summer: 70°- 80° | Fall: 60°- 70° | Winter: 40°- 50°

Average Outer Banks Ocean Temps by Month


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