Outer Banks Lighthouses Map

The Outer Banks features five unmistakable lighthouses, or light stations, which attract thousands of visitors each year. Here is a map of the lighthouse locations. The Cape Hatteras lighthouse is America’s tallest lighthouse, enjoy amazing views, it’s well worth the visit.

Map of Outer Banks Lighthouses

Map of Outer Banks Lighthouses

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Plan to see the lighthouses during your next visit? How many can you see in 1 day? That depends…

You can definitely do Hatteras Lighthouse and Bodie Island on the same day. Be sure to get to Hatteras early, though, because the line gets long, and the lighthouse is closed if it gets too hot. Bodie Is Lighthouse you cannot go inside, but there is a interesting museum there. From Cape Hatteras to Currituck is about a two hour drive. Currituck will also have a long line. I’d suggest saving it for another day. This page shows a map of all 5 lighthouses on the Outer Banks, it’ll give you an idea of the distance to each lighthouse.

Currituck Lighthouse lines do get long in the summer. On the plus side, there is a nice gift shop and the Whalehead Club (a restored hunt club) and the new wildlife museum are both next door. So is a long boardwalk trail out into the sound. Save Currituck for a separate day.